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Case Studies : Diesel Storage for Wiltshire Constabulary


With Chief Constables now liable to heavy penalties under new environmental legislation for leakages of diesel fuel from storage installations, no matter when installed, good and regular site maintenance has become even more important. Vectec Ltd maintains Wiltshire Police's fuel storage and refuelling equipment.

Wiltshire Constabulary continues to manage its own fuel storage as it supplies its own, as well as fire and ambulance service vehicles and needs resilience of supply, whatever the circumstances. In addition, fuel cards did not save on administration says Ian MacLean-Boyle, Wiltshire Police Fleet and Services Manager.

As forces have moved to use more diesel than petrol, different legislation has become more important. Storage of petrol has always required a license due to its natural hazard. Until recently, private stores of diesel fuel were not subject to such rigorous scrutiny. Legislation governing environmental damage caused by potential leakage from diesel stores can be as costly now following the recognition of the damage just a small amount of diesel can do to the environment.

The Control of Pollution Regulations(Oil) for above ground fuel storage installations and The Groundwater Regulations for below ground tanks and pipes, brought in much higher penalties after September 2005.

Simon Fowler of Vectec Ltd who maintains Wiltshire's storage facilities and advises on recording usage, says that it is not only essential to check the usage of diesel to prevent theft but that regular and accurate fuel measurement could spot when there is a leak before it becomes an environmental concern.

In 2010 Vectec Ltd installed fuel management systems at seven refuelling sites for Wilshire Constabulary to enable them to accurately track diesel usage.

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