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Above Ground Bunded Petrol Tank


Petrol Store

Above Ground Petrol Storage

Vectec supply this above ground petrol storage tank in capacities of 1250, 2500 and 5000 litres.


This petrol storage unit has an overall tank height of 0.8m to receive gravity feed deliveries by tanker.

It is a fireproofed, high security, integrally bunded, bolt down, painted steel petrol storage tank.

It comes fitted with a hand operated fuel pump and ready to use. No electric or pipework connections are required.

It can alternatively be connected to an electric fuel pump dispenser and fuel management system.

Manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements of the European legislation for above ground petrol storage.

This petrol store is also built using guidelines from: UKHSG176 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Tanks), UKHSG51 (The Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers) and UKHSG146 (Dispensing Petrol).

Petrol Store open

Each Petrol Storage Tank comes complete with:

  • Top quality fuel pump.
  • Filter cartridge.
  • Flow meter with totalizer.
  • 4"tanker inlet connection.
  • Heavy duty tank lid with hydraulic lift rams.
  • Bund vent cap.
  • High security padlock system.
  • Quality delivery hose.
  • Small nozzle to fit the smallest machines.
  • Fork lift skids.
  • 4.5 breather pipe with flame arrestor vent cap.
  • Calibrated dip stick/Tank bolt down points.
  • Earth strap and rod.
  • Record keeping books.
  • Full safety instructions and signage.

Petrol Store with Pump


The petrol tank should be sited on a concrete base at least 3 metres from any window or door of a buiding in use. For security reasons the tank is bolted to the concrete base using the bolt down points on the fork lift skids.

Petrol storage tanks need a Local Authority petroleum licence if you are filling direct to internal combustion engines.

Fire extinguishers should be available nearby and you may also be required to have a spill kit available. All petrol tanks require an annual inspection.

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