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AdBlu Storage Tank A range of easy to handle above ground BlueMaster Adblue tanks provide solutions to all customer groups and their needs.

The chemical characteristics of AdBlue require special storage and handling equipment and the highest material demands in tank design and construction. All materials used in the manufacture of the BlueMaster range have been tested and certified to ISO and CEFIC standards.

Our customers can rely on products that fulfil their highest demands of quality, stability and longevity.


• Tank in tank construction with 110% Bund.
• Leak Sensor and Bund alarm.
• 2″ TODO Dry Break Coupling
• Equipped with Piusi Suzzara pump unit.
• Digital Level Gauge ( litres remaining).
• Digital Flow Meter ( litres dispensed).
• Audible and Visual Overfill Alarm.


Ref Capacity ltr Length mm Width mm Height mm
BMH2500 2,500  2460  1430  1850 
BMV5000 5,000  2700  2230  2380 
BMV5000NP 5,000  2700  2230  2380 
BMV5000HRZVA 5,000  2700  2230  2380 


Tank Material MDPE MDPE MDPE
Natural Inner Yes Yes Yes
Flow Meter Yes Pulse 1:1000 Yes Pulse 1:1000 N/A
Level Meter Yes In Tank Display Yes Yes
Hose Reel in Case Yes N/A N/A
Auto Shut Off Nozzle Yes Yes N/A
ZVA Nozzle Yes N/A N/A
Auto Nozzle Switch Yes Yes N/A
Bund Alarm Yes Yes Yes
Overfill Prevention Yes Alarm - Audio Visual Yes Alarm - Audio Visual Yes Alarm - Audio Visual
40 ltr/min Pump Yes Piusi Suzzara Yes Piusi Suzzara N/A
2" Dry Break Coupling Yes Todo Yes Todo Yes Todo
Power Isolation Switch Yes Yes Yes
CEFIC Approval Materials Yes Yes Yes
4" Venting Yes Yes Yes
Hose Length 8m 4m-2500 / 6m-5000 N/A
Suction Lines Stainless Steel Stainless Steel N/A



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