Vectec Total Fuel Management Capacita tank gauge

Capacita tank gauge


Capacita Tank Level IndicatorThe Capacita is an innovative tank gauge system for monitoring the fluid inside fuel storage tanks. The system utilises a highly accurate pressure and temperature sensor which is positioned at the bottom of the fuel tank. A second set of sensors is located in the display housing allowing atmospheric and temperature compensation.

The Capacita tank gauge is battery powered and so requires no mains supply. It is simple to install through an existing fitting on the fuel tank.

The Capacita tank gauge is configured on site by the installation engineer so that it matches the exact attributes of the storage tank.

The system is composed of:

A pressure probe with a multicore data cable for detecting the pressure and temperature of the product in the tank. The probe is inserted from the top of the tank and it lies at the bottom of the tank.

A control unit for level display and system management. The system can display the tank contents and the space available for a fuel delivery.

Optional Snode GPRS connection to data centre to upload four hourly readings and provide alerts via email.

By connection to the data centre it is possible to receive low level warnings via email and SMS.


Technical Information:

Battery powered, no mains supply required.
Protection IP55.
Full scale 10m.
Accuracy +/- 1% full scale or better.
Contact for maximum and minimum level
Probe tube length 10m (extendable up to 20m).

Tank level indication:

Height (mm), Volume (litres) and Pressure head (%)

Main Advantages:

Continuous metering.
No mains supply required.
Easy replacement for old hydrostatic gauge.
High accuracy.
Easy installation.


Click here to print or download a Capacita Tank Gauge information leaflet
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