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JR Smith and Vectec tidy up the environment and saves money too!

“Being a local company located within a semi-residential area, environmental concerns are of utmost importance to us. We could not risk spilling 40,000 litres of diesel in the surrounding streets, Vectec provided the perfect solution to what could have been a very difficult issue with the minimum of fuss and disruption.”
JR Smith, Director, JR Smith Transport Ltd.

J.R.Smith Transport Ltd is long established in general haulage and storage, and part of the Pallet Network. J.R.Smith have been successful in European haulage and maintain specialist contracts such as Sony. The independent haulage company has been established for 56 years, have a fleet size of approx 30 vehicles and 36 employees at their Hertfordshire based operating centre.

The Issue
J.R.Smith had a problem with existing diesel storage installation, in that it did not comply with the latest storage and dispensing regulations. In addition, the oil supplier had reached the stage where they would not make bulk deliveries unless changes were made to the systems JR Smith had. Obviously fuel is an integral part of JR Smith’s business, so they needed a solution that was as quick and painless as possible.

The Solution
Vectec supplied a 40,000 litre totally enclosed Bunded tank complete with an integral security cabinet protected by a lockable roller shutter door. The contents are monitored by an electronic contents gauge and the tank is monitored by an electric high level and a bund alarm in case of a tank overfills.

Fuel is dispensed by a Hytek FC10, high-speed (90 litres per minute) dispenser. This type of pump has a very accurate metering system (+/-0.5%) and has stainless steel panels to prolong its useful life, unlike the former system, which was rusty and breaking away.

There is now a fuel management system integrated into the pump. The operating instructions are shown step by step on the pump display. To draw fuel the driver inserts an intelligent tag which is pre-programmed with the registration number, the type fuel that can be taken, the amount of fuel that can be taken and the last odometer reading. Once the fuel is drawn the transaction is stored in the system until polled via a GSM modem back to a personal computer in the transport office. Vectec have supplied a suite of polling and reporting software that allows them to analyse fuel usage, fuel stocks and mpg performance accurately.

The solution that Vectec provided is a complete fuel installation, delivered and ready to fill with fuel. The whole system was constructed, assembled and wired up off site and craned into position, in an operation which took less than four hours from start to finish. Vectec’s engineer connected the local mains supply to the distribution board on the tank and then supervised the first delivery from the tanker. Vectec preconfigured the system with J.R.Smith’s fleet information so the only requirement on their part was to distribute the smart tags to the correct vehicles.

The Future
The fuel management system can tell how much fuel each vehicle has taken and records the current odometer figure. It does have facility to import fuel card transactions so JR Smith can produce meaningful performance figures and monitor fuel usage which will ensure more efficient fuel management in the future. Mr J.R Smith, Director, commented, “ Being a local company situated within a semi-residential area, environmental concerns are of utmost importance to us. We could not risk spilling 40,000 litres of diesel in the surrounding streets. Vectec has designed the installation with protection systems such as overfill prevention devices and a breakaway coupling to protect the pump if the driver pulls away with the nozzle in his tank. Additionally there are alarms to warn of high level and overfill. We will continue our relationship with Vectec in terms of them continuing to maintain the equipment they supplied and suggesting any upgrades / modifications that may come available”.

Benefits for J.R. Smith Ltd:
1. A 40,000 litre tank means they can buy a full load of fuel and get the maximum amount of discount without running the tank dry.
2. The fuel management system allows the drivers to take fuel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are secure in the knowledge that no one can take it without authorisation. This makes the operation more efficient.
3. The whole installation takes up, less space than the old existing installation. This has freed up the yard for other things.
4. The equipment is easier to use for the drivers. It is a more pleasant environment for them to work in.
5. The installation enhances JR Smith’s outward appearance.

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