Vectec Fuel and Equipment Catalogue 2013 - page 147

Powered Pumps & Fuel Management
Muti User FC10/20Web Based Software
- This is our latest web based software version
- For use with our FC20 & FC10 fuel management systems.
- See pages 146 - 151.
- Provides comprehensive fuel management reporting, for all
fleet sizes, using an internet connection.
- This is a true web based application meaning the data can be
accessed from any PC connected to the internet.
- Web access is protected by login ID & user password.
- Ideal for larger fleets, multi-site, multi-user applications requiring
fuel management at a number of locations.
- Also suited to small fleet operators requiring the flexibility of
easy access from any location.
- The customer can create password controlled access limits for
users to specific screens & functions.
- Any number of users can access the web data via the internet
browser on their PCs. No software installation is required at the
customers’ PCs.
- Hosting for the web based software is provided in house by Hytek.
- Programming of vehicle datatags/fueller tags/driver details.
- Maintaining driver lockouts, running reports, stock control.
- Reports can be exported into Microsoft
or Excel
- Accepts offsite fuelling data from major card companies.
- Multiple or single site.
- User friendly report generator.
- Date & time filtered reports. Vehicle totals. Individual transaction
reports. Vehicle, group, department reports with mpg. Site stock
reports. Low stock/re-order alarms. Driver reports.
Service/MOT/Tax due reports.
- Flexible & easy to use. Data export to other software packages.
See page 150 for 2nd year hosting/support contract fee
- No software to be installed on customers’ PC eliminating crashes.
- Minimal network requirements. Suitable for 1 to 1,000 locations.
- Access data anywhere in the world. Updates are instant!
- Real time monitoring.
- Saves all transactions that take place at the fuelling location,
process them & displays in an easy to read format at any PC.
Client PC Specification
- Microsoft Internet explorer 5.5 or above. Cookies should be enabled.
JavaScript enabled. 256 MB or more RAM.
Do you wish to upgrade your existing system?
- If you have existing FC10 or FC20 PC based software we can
upgrade you to this web based system, call for a quote.
See pages 148 - 151
Can be retrofitted to existing FC10/FC20 system.
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