Vectec Fuel and Equipment Catalogue 2013 - page 149

Powered Pumps & Fuel Management
Web Based Software System
Multiuser interface, means multiple users can be logged into the
system at any one time, can be accessed by any user, anywhere
in the world, via the internet (login ID & user password required).
Automatically updates with the lastest version, fully maintained,
secure & backed up on servers.
The system comes with a number of pre-prepared reports
supplying the regular information required by most fleet
managers. These reports can be edited to suit your
customers’ needs or create new reports from scratch. Information
can be sorted and totalled by vehicle, date, department, etc. Filters
can be set to show the information for a particular vehicle, vehicle
type, department, fuel type, etc.
Data can be imported from a whole range of third party fuel card
services & integrated with transactions gathered from the ALPHA
FC10. Data can be accepted from any of the following card
systems: - Shell, BP, Allstar, Keyfuels, UK Fuels, Fuelserv, IDS,
Hytek are able to programme the software & datatags with your
customer details (this service is free of charge) prior to delivery,
enabling a quicker installation.
automatic vehicle recognition option, data disk, see page 151
for more information.
(FC10.AVR & FC10.DD)
Refuelling transaction information
The FC10 has no printer to jam or paper to absorb moisture, the
transactions are viewed via the web. Each ALPHA FC10 can store
information for up to 2000 separate refuelling operations,
for each refuelling the following information is recorded:
- Time & date.
- Site code (site number).
- Datatag number.
- Fleet number.
- Registration number.
- Group or department number.
- Vehicle type code.
- Odometer reading, if required.
- Amount of fuel drawn.
- Type of fuel drawn.
The Alpha FC10 stores the information for each individual
refuelling. Adding, totalling, reporting and printing are all done via
the web based system software.
Back lit LCD display
Clear even in direct sunlight or at night. The display features:
- User instructions.
- Fuel quantity currently being dispensed. Up to 9999.9 litres.
- Lifetime totaliser fixed. Period totaliser, which may be reset.
- Details of the last refuelling, date, time, fuel dispensed & user ID.
Numeric keypad
Provides a second level of security. The keypad is vandal resistant
& fully weatherproof. It’s used for entry of PIN codes, driver codes
or odometer readings.
For options & prices see page 150
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