Vectec Fuel and Equipment Catalogue 2013 - page 216

Forecourt Construction Equipment
UPP Pipework System
What is it ?
- Universal Petro Pipe (UPP) is the leading lightweight, flexible,
non-metallic pipework system for above & below ground fuel lines.
- Environmentally safe, UPP pipe & fittings meet & exceed current
legislation & standards required for use in the petrol station
- Electrofusion welding of pipes & fittings creates a pipe system
that is strong, flexible & easy to install.
What is it made from ?
It’s black outer structural layer is High Density Polyethylene,
puncture & rodent resistant. The yellow inner barrier layer is
‘fuel proof’ Polyamide (nylon) which has exceptional resistance to
permeation. Its smooth bore & low friction loss permits fuel at
higher velocities than steel.
Peace of mind ?
Over 30 years experience shows no pipe failures & no loss into the
ground. Over 14 million metres of pipe produced. Now UPP is
widely used in a number of market sectors including petroleum
retail, marine, mining, generator systems & heating oil systems in
over 48,000 sites across 150+ countries.
Approvals ?
It’s been independently tested to meet Institute Of Petroleum by
ERA Technology Ltd Cert No. BC63/0777/97/001A. OFCERT
(OFTEC) Licence No: 2072090201. The entire product range is
manufactured to the British Standard EN 14125. UPP products are
continually monitored by the ERA.
Regulations ?
For retail sites please refer to APEA/IP 2nd edition book on: Design,
Construction, Modification And Decommissioning Of Filling Stations.
For commercial sites please refer to: “Pollution Prevention
Guidelines” for above ground oil storage tanks PPG2. Underground
pipework, if mechanical joints have to be used they should be
accessible for inspection under a hatch or cover & should have
facilities for detecting leaks, see our leak detection system on page 197.
Product range
- Single (Primary) or secondary contained pipe (S/C).
- Choose coils (30m, 50m & 100m) or straight lengths (6m).
- Sizes from 32mm (1”), 50mm (1
”), 63mm (2”) 90mm (3”) &
110mm (4”).
- Pipe sizes refer to outer diameter (OD).
- All installers must complete a training course prior to supply of pipe.
Can be used above ground
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