Vectec Fuel and Equipment Catalogue 2013 - page 220

Forecourt Construction Equipment
Gemini Secondary Containment System
Revolutionary Secondary Containment System
- No other secondary containment system has ever offered the ability
to completely install the primary pipework system & execute integrity
testing before closing the secondary system.
Less Fittings More Savings
- With Gemini three secondary containment fittings which are
specifically designed to enclose standard one-piece primary fittings,
allow you to reduce the number of necessary parts, welds, time &
overall cost.
Better By Design
- Gemini provides up to a 50% reduction in primary & secondary
fittings & up to 50% reduction in fusion weld operations.
General Information
- Gemini rewrites the rule book on secondary containment systems
by splitting the secondary fitting into two pieces.
- Allows you to slide the secondary fitting away so that the primary
joint can be fully welded, pressure tested & inspected before
welding the secondary fittings for the utmost in system security.
- With its simple design three Gemini fitting models (Tee, 90° bend,
& inline/45°bend) make installing secondary containment easier
& safer then ever.
Why Use The Gemini System
- Less fittings = more savings.
- Designed for efficiency, quicker to install.
- Allow separate welding & testing of primary system.
- Cuts down on pipe costs.
- Gives extreme confidence.
- Can use single weld lead.
- Independent primary system.
If you are already a trained UPP installer no need to
re-train, call us for further details
Training is free & is required before installing our
UPP pipework system, please call us for details
Let The Experts Tell You More
- If you would like to know more call & ask for a member of our
UPP pipework team.
- They will take you through the details of the Gemini system of
secondary containment & show you how you will benefit from
the lower cost & greater efficiency in your installations.
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