Vectec Fuel and Equipment Catalogue 2013 - page 100

Filtration & Fuel Conditioning
Cabinet version available on request
Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation Kit
Why Do I Need To Re-Circulate My Fuel?
- Contaminated fuel inside storage tanks can cause pump or vehicle
filters to block, in some cases resulting in hefty repair bills.
- These issues are caused by microbial contamination (often known
as diesel bugs which are micro-organisms that grow on water
present in fuel) biofuel is hygroscopic (attracts water).
- The latest fuels contain a % of bio-fuel (up to 7%) & provide an ideal
breeding ground for these bugs.
- Even a small % of bio-fuel acts as a detergent cleaning the inside
of storage tanks & pipework allowing dirt/sludge to be sucked up
by pumps, blocking filters. This sludge also contributes to poor
emissions (seen as black exhaust smoke).
- Over time these microbes/bugs grow into large colony forming units
(CFUs) which get sucked into fuel lines blocking filters.
- Microbial contamination is mostly seen as sludge that forms in
the bottom of storage tanks & filters.
- Storage tanks, particularly those with low useage, require a
permanent system to keep the microbes/bugs dormant by
re-circulating the fuel to ensure an efficient microbial treatment.
Kit Specification
- Circulates & prevents degradation of fuel inside storage tanks.
- Passes through a pre-filter fuel conditioner to prevent microbial growth.
- Fuel is automatically circulated for a preset number of timed periods
to ensure tank contents is recirculated 1
times every 28 days.
- When the pump flow rate drops below a preset limit (indicating a
clogged filter) the flow switch closes & a warning light flashes.
- Can link to our remote warning device
see page 179.
- External alarm outputs, rated at 230VAC 10A max.
- For use with diesel/biodiesel up to B30. (B100 version optional)
- Features a 230V pump unit, inlet strainer, fuel conditioner, flow
switch, filter clogged warning light, timer & mains junction box.
- Mounted on a wall/tank mounting plate dimensions 520mm
H x 420mm W x 230mm D. Weatherproof.
for storage tanks up to 40,000L (3,000 litres per day).
for storage tanks up to 65,000L (5,000 litres per day).
particle/water filter kit c/w fittings & filter wrench.
Other bowl/spin on type filters available see pages 89-93.
A flow meter can be fitted to provide an ongoing total of
fuel circulated.
remote warning device to warn of clogged filter
see page 179.
Fuel re-circulation kit
Anti-microbial pre-filter fuel
Inlet strainer
Filter replacement
wrench (optional)
Filter clogged
warning light
Water & particle
filter (optional)
Engineered Product
Stk Code Description
Up to 40,000L tanks (3,000L per day)
Up to 65,000L tanks (5,000L per day)
Particle/water filter kit - 10 micron
Remote warning device
External mounting brackets
C/w drip tray
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