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Why Choose to Rent your Fuel Installation Equipment?                                              Fuel Pump

All kinds of businesses choose to lease their equipment. There are a number of good reasons for doing so.


Improves Cashflow and Conserves Capital

If you choose to rent your fuel installation equipment rather than purchase it outright there is no immediate large expenditure to upset your business's cashflow.                       

Ease of Budgeting

All rentals will be fixed for the term of the lease so you know exactly where you are and how much you will be paying each month.

Freedom of Choice

Capital budgets very often dictate what equipment you buy and when you buy it. Leasing means that you can have the fuel equipment that you need, when you need it for an affordable monthly payment.

Rentals are 100% allowable against corporation tax                                                                                                               Tuffa Tank 

All rentals payable under a lease contract are 100% tax deductable. The equipment is owned by the finance company and so the rentals that you pay are classed as a business expense. How much will your tax bill be reduced if you choose the rental option?

Gives you the ability to keep pace with technology

As improvements are made in equipment technology, it is possible to upgrade your equipment during the lease. Would you feel unrestricted in updating your equipment when you needed to if it still owed you a reasonable amount of money on your books?



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