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Bunded Fuel Tanks

It is a requirement of the Control of Pollution Regulations (Oil) 2001 that any vessel with a capacity of 205 litres or greater of oil product must be bunded.

Vectec has a range of totally enclosed steel bunded fuel tanks that meet the requirements of these regulations. Available in rectangular or cylindrical form these fuel tanks are specified to the highest standard to ensure that fuel is stored safely and securely.

For a free download of the Control of Pollution Regulations regarding fuel storage tanks, click here.                                                           

Vectec can install and maintain every fuel tank we supply

Capacities from 2,000 to 120,000 litres all incorporating the same advanced features including:

• Totally enclosed bunds to prevent the build up of rain water.
• Lockable security cabinets with drip trays to house fill point and dispensing equipment .
• Overfill prevention devices and bund alarms.
• Remote telemetry to record tank contents and warn when re-ordering is required..
• Fuel dispensers incorporating security and recording functions .
• Delivery and commissioning by our own qualified engineers

The Fuel Package Tank

The Fuel Package Tank is an inner fuel storage tank, externally encased within an outer weatherproof bund to ensure any leakage or nominal overfill situation is safely contained. The Fuel Package Tank is easily transportable as a one-piece unit and reduces costly and time consuming site work.

Three of Vectec's best selling fuel tanks are the cylindrical, bunded fuel tanks, the T10 and T64, and the rectangular, bunded fuel tank T34. We also supply below ground fuel tanks and above ground, plastic tanks for diesel and AdBlue storage.

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Planned Diesel Tank Maintenance

It is necessary to service a fuel installation in the same way as it is necessary to service a vehicle. We address this issue by undertaking a multi part check of the whole fuel installation. This can be done annually for low volume users or six monthly for high volume users.

In addition to this service we can arrange fuel tank testing and cleaning, fuel tank installation and relocation and fuel tank decommissioning. We can also carry out annual electrical tests on petrol installations.

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Vectec can supply a wide range of fuel equipment parts and accessories. Click here to go to the Fuel Equipment Catalogue.

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