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OLE Tank Gauges and Fuel Tank Monitoring

Our Partner OLE is a specialist UK Company established in 1987 that has developed a range of fuel tank monitoring products and associated services.

At the heart of this system is the tank gauge which can be connected to a variety of peripheral devices.

These tank gauges use a range of sensors including pressure, differential pressure, and ultrasonic, depending on the application.

The standard configuration is one gauge per fuel tank which can be attached to ancillary devices.

Ancillary outputs include high and low level alarms, temperature logging, leak detection, flow meter monitoring and 4 to 20ma output for building management systems.

Tank gauging systems can be connected to PC's via analogue or digital connections including a variety of modems. They can also be connected directly to fuel management systems.

There is an on-line service available to give live access to tank data from anywhere in the world.

We use OLE equipment where precision is a prerequisite or when there are special requirements that cannot be met by standard production units.

ole gauge t4020 ole gauge ole gauge 4c
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