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Bio-Envirotank - Rectangular, Above ground, Bunded Fuel Tank



The Bio-Envirotank

A bunded fuel storage tank designed for the future

An inner fuel storage tank externally stiffened and with a sloping hopper style bottom.

The fuel tank design comprises a primary storage tank without internal structure to enable ease of cleaning and internal inspection.

The primary fuel tank is enclosed by an outer steel bund that fully complies with the control of pollution regulations.

The base of the bunded fuel tank has a sloping hopper style bottom to a sump. The sump is serviced by a 25mm sludge drain pipe accessible from the tank top.

The incorporation of sloping bases and sumps helps reduce the frequency of tank cleaning as water and contaminants will easily drain into the sump. Residues are extracted via the sludge drain pipe which runs from the tank top to the sump.

With develping Bio-Fuels water content and bacterial growth is becoming more of a problem in fuel storage tanks; regular tank cleaning and inspections are now necessary.

The fuel tank design also includes correctly positioned manway inspection points to allow tank cleaning without man entry. This reduces the need for confined space entry health and safety procedures.

The Bio-Envirotank can be split into compartments for gas oil/diesel/oils/Adblu and process liquids. Internal tank linings can easily be applied due to the unrestrictive internal tank construction.

External manways and connections are enclosed within a steel secure hatch which is padlockable to prevent tampering.

End or side mounted security cabinets can be fitted with steel or roller shutter doors and integral spillage trays, to house pipework, fuel pumps, fuel tank gauges, alarms and controls.

Design life 20 years

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• Enclosed bunded fuel tank design.
• Reduced maintenance costs.
• Easily transportable.
• Lifting eyes for offloading.
• Needs only a suitable level hard standing for siting.
• Overfilled product can be reused.
• Fill pipe sizes 50mm/65mm/80mm complete with isolation valve.
• Electronic low level alarm units.
• Electronic bund warning alarm units.
• Tanker coupling and cap and chain.
• Venting systems to suit fill size.
• 25mm desludge pipe to sump.
• 50mm and 80mm overfill prevention valves available to shut off the tanker fill when the primary tank reaches capacity.
• 50mm outlet pipe for gravity feed or top suction.
• Sizes/capacity to suit most situations.
• Transfer pump sets available to feed boilers and generators.
• Dispensing pumps available with automatic nozzles.
• Fuel monitoring systems fitted to suit customer needs.


Ref Capacity of Main Tank ltr Length mm Width mm Height mm Weight Kilos
BE1 2,500 1,410 1,460 2,000 1,372
BE2 5,000 2,610 1,460 2,000 2,202
BE3 7,500 3,760 1,460 2,000 2937
BE4 10,000 3,310 2,010 2,000 3,306
BE5 15,000 5,080 2,010 2,000 4,680
BE6 20,000 5,560 2,410 2,000 5,557
BE7 30,000 6,740 2,410 2,400 7,372
BE8 40,000 7,164 3,030 2,400 9,025
BE9 50,000 8,864 3,030 2,400 10,839
B10 70,000 9,626 3,008 3,048 15,702
BE11 90,000 12,276 3,008 3,048 19,438
BE12 120,000 15,476 3,160 3,048 24,249
BE13 140,000 16,076 3,160 3,400 26,484

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