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Metron2 Tank manager


The Metron2 Tank Manager combines the best of the Snode and the Capacita gauges. It consists of a head unit that is mounted near the tank (s). The head can monitor the contents of up to 4 tanks / bunds simultaneously and it can be battery, mains or solar powered, depending on site requirements.

The device uses Keller precision probes, similar to the ones used in the Capacita and Snode and  has a local display to inform the tanker driver of the space available when fuel  is delivered. The device uses these pressure sensors to dip the tank from ever 10 minutes to every minute of the day.

It has an integral GPRS modem that can transmit as frequently as every five minutes (4 times a day recommended for the battery version). It will transmit immediately should preset rates of fuel level change be exceeded.
Level data is sent to the Vectec Tank Manager server and is available immediately and it  can be read on the Vectec Tank Manager site.

Individual alerts can be programmed by each user with alerts being emailed and texted.
Theft /product loss thresholds can be programmed at different thresholds for different tanks,  different times of day and night and different days of the week. 

The data can be viewed on a PC, also optimised for Smartphone and tablet and is simple to understand interface –  there is no complex set up or manuals needs.
Also it can  be accessed from any Internet enabled PC using any browser.

Click here to visit the Tank Manager website

Benefits of the Metron2 Tank Manager

• Simple installation onto existing fuel tanks – monitors up to 4 tanks with one unit
• Remove the safety risk of dipping storage tanks.
• Email alerts for low stock levels.
•SMS low stock alert messages.
• Up to the minute email and SMS theft alerts .
• Explosion proof versions available for petrol and LPG .
• Access stock information without going to the fuel tank - data on your desktop via the Internet, on your Smartphone or tablet
• Accurate to +/- 2cm (less than 1% on a 2,500mm high tank) .
• Suitable for above and below ground fuel storage tanks.
• Complete stock history - tank dip reading taken every six hours and stored on servers. Provides the stock history specified by the Environment Agency in document PPG7 and the Groundwater Protection Code.
• Battery powered - no mains supply required. Mains and solar versions also
• The Tank Manager can measure virtually any liquid.
• Comprehensive maintenance contract - covers complete system parts and labour.

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