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VECTEC supplies, installs and maintains above and below ground fuel storage tanks, fuel dispensing pumps, fuel management equipment and fuel tank contents gauges.

On this page you can download information leaflets about some of the fuel storage tanks, fuel management systems and fuel monitoring systems we supply. These electronic tank gauges can allow you to monitor the fuel stock in your fuel tanks accurately at the tank or remotely via the internet.

VECTEC also supplies, installs and maintains a range of fuel dispensing pumps. For information about the Delta Commercial Pump or about the range of fuel installation services VECTEC can provide, click on the PDF below.

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The VECTEC Delta AP is specified as a combination fuel dispenser/fuel management system. It controls one integral pump and up to three external fuel pumps. When networked with other Deltas it can control up to thirty two pumps. The system incorporates a telephone style keypad which enables odometer readings, driver ID’s, Fleet numbers etc. to be entered at the point of fuelling.

The VECTEC Delta is a simple yet sophisticated fuel management system. It can control up to four external fuel pumps but when networked together with other Deltas it can control up to thirty two pumps.

Vectec can supply, install & commission bunded above ground fuel tanks of almost any capacity.

This high accuracy fuel level gauge can display the contents of up to 4 Vectec Below Ground Fuel Tankstanks simultaneously. It can also send text & email alerts to warn of low level, high level or fuel level dropping outside of expected hours. It comes with full internet based monitoring software accessible from PC, tablet or even smartphone.

Vectec supplies, repairs and maintains bunded fuel tanks, diesel dispensing pumps, fuel management equipment and tank contents gauges. Vectec also supplies a large range of refuelling equipment parts and carries out planned, maintenance services for fuel dispensing and fuel storage equipment. Vectec can also check that fuel storage and dispensing installations comply with environmental legislation.

Vectec can supply, install & commission double skinned below ground fuel tanks from 10,000 litres to 125,000 litres in capacity.

Vectec can supply, install & commission above ground, steel bunded petrol tank from 1,200 litres to 2,950 litres in capacity.
Vectec Tankwatch is a highly sophisticated level measurement system with digital display and integrated audible and visible high and low level alarms, with internet connectivity to send data to Vectec fuel management systems and generate alerts to fleet operators.