Vectec delighted to be nominated for APEA Award 2023

Vectec is thrilled to announce its nomination for the 2023 APEA Award in the Best Non-Retail Fuel Installation category.

Vectec has been nominated for an APEA Award 2023 in the best fuel installation (non-retail) category

The annual APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration) Awards recognise exceptional achievements and innovations in the petroleum and explosives industries. Vectec’s nomination is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and continuous innovation in the field of non-retail fuel installation.


Fuel Management Equipment: The Ultimate Solution for Controlling Diesel Pumps

Fuel management equipment and fuel consumption monitoring

If you own a fleet of diesel-powered vehicles, you know that managing fuel consumption can be a major challenge. Without proper fuel management equipment, you risk overspending on fuel and losing track of usage, which can ultimately harm your bottom line. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you take control of your fuel consumption and save money: fuel management equipment.


Remote tank monitoring: Smart way to monitor your tanks

Remote Tank Monitoring Systems

Remote tank monitoring systems allow you to keep track of your tanks from anywhere in the world. You can monitor the level of liquid in your tanks, the temperature, and even the pressure. Tank gauges are essential for any business that uses tanks to store liquids. Smart tank gauges can send you information  in real time, so you can always be aware of what’s going on with your tanks.