AdBlue Tanks

AdBlue® is a highly purified colourless liquid. It contains demineralized water and urea (32.5%). It is used with diesel engines and is also known outside of Europe as DEF, ARLA 32 or AUS 32 in some countries. Vectec Ltd supplies a range of above and below ground AdBlue tanks

AdBlue can only be stored in contact with high-density Polyethylene, polypropylene or stainless steel containers. At Vectec we supply a range of easy to handle above or below ground AdBlue storage tanks providing solutions for customers and their needs. Our tanks fulfil highest demands of quality, stability and longevity.

AdBlue storage is becoming more and more common amongst fleet operators with diesel vehicles due to AdBlue’s role in reducing harmful diesel emissions in combustion engines.

Vectec can also supply tanks with telemetry systems which can automatically generate emails to alert a client’s nominated AdBlue supplier when the AdBlue tank is running low, meaning the tank can self-manage its stock level without any input from the end user.

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Adblue storage tanks
Arcadia completed installation – AdBlue within a triple compartment tank

Plastic Adblue storage tank
Plastic bunded AdBlue tank