Below Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

An underground fuel storage tank is a steel, cylindrical inner fuel tank encased in a secondary steel skin. Vectec Below ground fuel storage tanks are designed and constructed in full accordance with British Standards and supplied with full supporting certification. Tanks are manufactured using Deuma automated equipment for maximum concentricity and straightness.

A below ground fuel tank is easily transported as a one piece. Tanks are available with multiple internal compartments, to store different fuel grades within the same unit, to suit customer requirements. Below ground fuel tanks save sites expensive land space. They can be fitted with highly accurate gauging and leak detection systems.

Vectec underground fuel tanks are supplied as standard pre-strapped to A252 steel mesh base frames for safe and simple site installation, meaning there should never be a requirement for personnel to enter the tank excavation. The mesh is concreted into place within the excavation to create the reinforced concrete base the fully laden tank requires to rest upon.

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Installation of underground fuel storage tanks
Installation of below ground fuel storage tanks