Diesel Storage

Vectec can offer above and below ground diesel storage tanks. Our tanks can be bespoke to your needs, size and product requirements. Tanks can be supplied as single or multiple compartment units to store different grades of fuel.

The tank can be supplied in any RAL colour to match a company colours or a building’s cladding. The tanks can be fabricated with an integral security cabinet which could store the pump, gauge, alarms and a fuel management system behind a lockable hinged or roller shutter door.  

An above ground fuel storage tank can also be supplied with suction and fill lines terminating shortly above ground level for connection to below ground fuel pipework running out to dispensers on remote fuel islands.

All Vectec above ground diesel tanks are supplied bunded to 110% capacity to comply with UK environmental agency guidelines. All Vectec below ground diesel tanks are supplied as double skinned units to comply with the UK APEA Blue Book 4th Edition 2018 guidelines.

Although “standard sizes” exist, a fuel tank is highly customisable in terms of height and footprint to suit almost any available space.

In June 2015, diesel fuel was reclassified within the EU. This now means that diesel falls under the dangerous substances regulations (DSEAR) of 2002. Vectec can supply DSEAR risk assessments and safe operating method statements for all new and existing diesel refuelling or storage facilities. Contact us for more information or a quotation.

Vectec above ground diesel storage tank
Vectec steel bunded above ground diesel storage tanks
Vectec underground diesel storage tank
Vectec below ground diesel storage tanks