Fuel tank gauges
Vectec supply tank gauging systems from entry level hydrostatics through to precision pressure sensors connected to gauge units with integrated alarms and reporting outputs to fuel or buildings management systems.
Fuel Storage
Vectec can design, supply, install and maintain fuel storage facilities including above and below ground tanks compliant to UK standards.
Fuel management
Vectec Delta is a sophisticated fuel management system, controlling access to fuel and providing fleet operators with detailed reports about each fuel transaction made through cloud based online software.

Fuel management

Vectec Delta

Vectec Delta

Online Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management Online

The purpose of a fuel management system is to secure a fuel pump against unauthorised use and to provide an accurate record of the fuel dispensed. 

The cost of fuel and its usage is a significant overhead for any commercial or public transport organisation. Good fuel management can make a vitally important contribution to the profitability of such organisations.

VECTEC can supply, install and maintain a wide range of fuel management systems.

VECTEC deals with every aspect of the storage and dispensing of fuel for the commercial and public sectors, serving a wide range of diverse customers with specialist fuel management services.

The VECTEC fuel management range includes stand alone, PC linked or internet based access to data. Fuel management systems can be accessed via electronic keys, magnetic stripe fuel cards or radio frequency identity tags. The systems can control anything from a gravity fed flowmeter to thirty two fuel pumps.

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VECTEC can supply and maintain not only a wide range of fuel management systems but also all the equipment necessary for complete fuel installations. We supply, install and maintain bunded fuel storage tanks, fuel dispensing pumps, tank contents gauges and a large range of refuelling equipment parts and accessories.

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