Vectec Delta

Vectec Delta is a simple yet sophisticated fuel management system which is designed to provide complete control for commercial transport organisations dispensing fuel to authorised vehicles on site. The system comprises hardware and software. The hardware is a highly specified fuel access control terminal (FACT) designed to be installed at the fuelling location to control local or remote fuel pumps.

The Vectec Delta can control up to 4 external fuel pumps per fuel management system and is available in either pedestal or wall mounted option. It can be networked together with other deltas to control multiple pumps. The system incorporates a telephone style keypad which enables odometer readings, Drivers ID’s, Fleet numbers etc which are entered at the point of fuelling.

The Vectec Delta uses a data tag to access the system. The data tag is a read and write tag, incorporating high security authentication using a cryptographic algorithm and guaranteed 100,000 read/write minimum. Data retention is for 10 years minimum. There are no moving parts to the data tag, which means that the maintenance is low which saves costs long term on upkeep. The tags are highly durable and guaranteed for the life of the system.

As an alternative to the data tag option, the Delta system can also utilise vehicle data disks which give an automatic odometer reading to the terminal. Vectec can also supply nozzle based vehicle identifiers. The Vectec Delta is manufactured entirely of stainless steel making it sturdy and made to operate in harsh conditions. 

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Vectec Delta fuel management system
Vectec compact
Vectec Delta fuel management system
Vectec delta