Vectec Fuel Management Online

Fuel Management Online Systems

Vectec Fuel Management Online (FMO) is a cloud based fuel management system that operates from a secure, virtualised server at a recognised data centre.

The fuel management server communicates with the fuel island terminals (FITS) multiple times each day and downloads stored transactions via a GPRS connection. Similarly any changes to vehicle or driver lists are transmitted by the same means.

The web based, fuel management online service includes a powerful report generator where reports can be configured and stored by different users and then run by applying the relevent data range.

Data and reports can be exported into Word, Excel, CSV or PDF format with special export formats available on request such as SAP.

Fuel card transactions from all the major providers can be uploaded to the FMO and then linked to the relevant vehicle by fleet number or registration number. The fuel management system can be used with our standard read/write proximity fuel tag, vehicle mounted proximity data disk, any magnetic stripe card or the new standard of proximity cards.

Vectec On-Line Fuel Management is a web based system. Authorised Fuel management system users can access the system from anywhere in the world from any Internet enabled PC running Microsoft Internet Explorer. Each user can be granted different  levels of access permissions and all activity on the server is logged. 

Vectec Fuel Management On-Line is used on a daily basis by hundreds of organisations in the UK. The Cloud data storage model means that the service provider is in complete control of the operating environment and can perform updates, backups and deal with any maintenance issues as they arise.

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