Fuel tank gauges
Vectec supply tank gauging systems from entry level hydrostatics through to precision pressure sensors connected to gauge units with integrated alarms and reporting outputs to fuel or buildings management systems.
Fuel Storage
Vectec can design, supply, install and maintain fuel storage facilities including above and below ground tanks compliant to UK standards.
Fuel management
Vectec Delta is a sophisticated fuel management system, controlling access to fuel and providing fleet operators with detailed reports about each fuel transaction made through cloud based online software.

Fuel tank gauges

Vectec Metron4

Metron 4

Vectec Tank watch

Vectec Tank watch

Vectec can provide a range of fuel tank gauge systems from the humble dipstick to high accuracy, electronic fuel tank gauges.

Two tank level gauges of which we are particularly proud are the Tankwatch and the Metron4 tank level measurement systems, detailed below. Both use Swiss made precision pressure sensor measurement probes and can be used individually or in conjunction with each other.

Electronic tank gauges can allow you to monitor the fuel stock in your fuel tanks accurately at the tank or remotely via the internet.

The Environment Agency document PPG7 places a requirement of companies to keep adequate records of fuel stocks and issues. The Snode tank gauge can facilitate this.

The Tankwatch, Tank Level Measurement System

The Tankwatch system provides continuous metering and displays the fuel level and contents of the fuel tank. It also displays the ullage (space available) for a fuel delivery. It is supplied with a high accuracy, precision pressure sensor, with four inputs allowing the unit to monitor up to four fuel tanks or to utilise different sensor types within the tank such as water detection or temperature sensors.

The Tankwatch can be supplied with the Vectec Delta fuel management system to transmit dip readings to the cloud based online software, allowing fleet operators to see the true level of their tanks alongside the book stock. As well as a digital display, the Tankwatch Level Measurement System has integrated audible and visual high and low level alarms. It can also be supplied with a float probe to alarm in the event of product in the tank bund.

The Metron4 Tank manager gauge

This high accuracy, tank contents monitor has a tank level pressure sensor that can can weigh the fuel in your diesel tank from every 10 minutes to every minute of the day. One tank gauge can monitor up to 4 tanks at once. The Metron4 Tank Manager provides up to the minute theft & leak detection by monitoring rate of change & sending alerts if levels move outside of expected parameters.

It produces transmissions from every day to every 10 minutes which provide fuel stock and fuel consumption reports, both of which are available online via PC, smartphone or tablet. It also sends alerts for low stock levels via email or sms text.

The Metron4 tank manager gauge can measure virtually any liquid and is simple and very cost effective to install. It runs either on long life batteries or via mains electricity supply. It can be set up to record decreasing or increasing fuel stock levels or a combination of both.

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