Metron4 Tank Management System a remote, tank contents monitoring system.

What is Metron4?

Metron4 is a tank management system capable of monitoring the contents of four tanks/bunds. It makes remote fuel tank monitoring simple and affordable, interfacing with sensors, taking periodic readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone networks. 

  • Compatible with 1000s of sensors
  • Remotely programmable
  • Self-contained, weatherproof
  • Proven and reliable
  • Uses high accuracy pressure probes for monitoring tank levels and float switches for monitoring bund contents.
  • The contents can be read directly from the display.
  • The system contains an integrated GPRS modem that transmits the tank levels to our web platform.
  • Web platform can generate high level, low level, leak/theft alerts*.
  • Mains or battery versions available
    *Mains version required for leak/theft alerts

Metron4 tank contents gauge:

FeatureStandard SystemEnhanced System
Monitors level in up to 4 tanks
Daily updates to website with stock levels
Low-level alerts via email
Accuracy +/- 0.5% of tank capacity
Powered by UPS
5-minute website updates (enhanced data plan)
Leak detection
Theft detection
High-level alarm
Overfill alarm
Local alarm panel with flashing beacon and sounder

Fuel tank theft alarm

Vectec’s fuel tank theft alarm comprises a Metron4 gauge, mains supply with battery back-up, relays for connection to external alarms and inconspicuous housing.

The system is configured to monitor the rate of change of level on a fuel tank. For example, if the rate of change is set at 200 litres in 5 minutes, the system will alarm if more than 500 litres in that time period. This allows normal refuelling to take place but highlights large uplifts represented by thefts.

As well as triggering a local alarm the system generates alert emails 

The system continues to operate if the mains supply is cut, and damage to the probe cable will also trigger the alarm.