Vectec Tank Watch

With the never ending rise in cost of road fuel all transport operators are under great pressure to manage fuel resources more efficiently and be more environmentally friendly. The Vectec Tank Watch fuel tank monitoring system helps managers by providing accurate information on current fuel stock, available tank capacity (ullage), stock movements, deliveries, throughputs and unusual stock movements making it easy to assess any problem areas.

The Tank Watch System monitors the fluid inside the fuel tank using a series of probes, the probes are connected to a control panel which is mounted locally at the fuel tank. The control panel provides a local interface at the point of storage and assists fuel delivery drivers make safe and secure deliveries.

The Tankwatch control panel constantly displays stock level information including ullage and also displays alarm status, if an alarm is triggered this is indicated audibly and visually at the fuel tank. The system will even provide early warning of tank leakage if unaccountable reductions in tank contents are recorded.

Tankwatch can be used in its own right to manage fuel stocks or can interface with other Vectec fuel management systems which monitor pump throughput and stop unauthorised use of fuel, either way Tankwatch provides a powerful reporting and management tool.

Tankwatch has a heavy duty enclosure, and a bright display, that is easy to read in daylight. Tank measurement is by a high accuracy pressure sensor that is individually calibrated to take account of tank geometry. Tankwatch can be specified for new installations but is also easily retrofitted to existing tanks.

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Vectec Tank Watch, a tank contents monitoring system.
The Vectec Tank watch fuel tank monitoring system