Environmental and DSEAR Audit

Environmental and DSEAR audit of Fuel Storage and Fuel Dispensing systems

This is a service Vectec provides for customers who have existing fuel storage installations. Vectec surveys the equipment installed, and layout with reference to the guidelines laid down in the Environment Agency Document PPG7, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) and recent Oil Storage Regulations.

Above ground fuel storage is legislated for by the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) England 2001.

Below ground fuel storage is legislated for by the Groundwater Regulations (England and Wales) 1998.

Vectec offer a comprehensive Environmental and DSEAR Audit and inspection service, including a written report and a site specific risk assessment as required by DSEAR and most insurance companies. Diesel storage and dispensing become regulated under DSEAR in June 2015.

As part of the audit procedure, we check the integrity of the fuel storage and refuelling system design and recommend improvements where necessary. Vectec can also recommend any appropriate new products that may provide additional protection against fuel loss. We will also provide control documentation to help you ensure that all fuel is accounted for.

The cost of a leak going unnoticed can run to tens of thousands of pounds in clean up costs, not including fines levied on offending companies or their Directors.

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