Fuel Tank Decommissioning

The environmental agency requirements are that operators should immediately decommission any underground fuel storage tanks that are no longer in use. Such work requires specialist contractors either to foam fill the tank or to degas and excavate it completely from the ground.

Vectec provide a full below ground fuel tank decommissioning service and can carry out either foam fills or tank excavations. Foam filling is the preferred and more cost effective option to most commercial forecourts. The product used is RG hard foam, a foam which absorbs any hydrocarbons left present in the tank rendering the tank inert and safe. The foam is lightweight, allowing the tank to be removed from the site at a later date if required.

Vectec can also provide a tanker to bottom out any remaining contents of the tank and issue receipt of safe waste disposal. The service includes the removal of all vent pipework and fuel dispensing pumps within the facility.

For more information about below ground tank decommissioning, or to arrange a site survey, contact our team.