Maintenance and Breakdown Support

Planned Maintenance and breakdown support of Fuel Storage and Fuel Dispensing Equipment It is necessary to service a fuel installation in the same way as it is necessary to service a vehicle. Over the course of a year components on fuel dispensers can fail, meters and fuel tank gauges can become inaccurate and small leaks can appear in pipework systems. Vectec Ltd can provide a complete Maintenance and Breakdown Support Service for your refuelling site equipment.

The cost of a leak going unnoticed can run to tens of thousands of pounds in clean up costs, not including fines levied on offending companies or their Directors.

We address these issues by undertaking a multi part inspection of the whole fuel installation. This can be done annually for low volume users or six monthly for high volume users.

The elements of the annual service include:

Fuel Pumps :

• Check calibration of dispensing meter and adjust accordingly.
• Check for leaks on gaskets and joints.
• Check the condition and operation of fuel hoses and nozzles and repair/replace as necessary.
• Clean and replace fuel filters if necessary.
• Check operation of register, pumping unit and electric motor and report any significant deterioration.
• Check the condition of panels, locks and glass windows and seals. Advise if repair or replacement is necessary.

Fuel Tanks :

• Check the fuel tank for water and sludge build up.
• Check the operation of valves.
• Pressure test underground fuel pipelines.
• Check operation and accuracy of tank gauging systems.

Environmental & DSEAR Audit:

• Check compliance with current Environment Agency & DSEAR guidelines. • Check safety of electrical components in and around any hazardous zones.
• Recommend any appropriate new products that may provide additional protection against fuel loss.
• Advise of any deterioration of bund walls or other necessary components of the installation.

In addition to planned maintenance, Vectec offer breakdown callout support. The phone line is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year for emergency breakdown call outs.

We carry out these services for local authorities, emergency services and private companies of all sizes.

In addition to the above maintenance we can arrange tank testing and cleaning, tank installation, relocation, removal and decommissioning. We can also undertake annual electrical tests on petrol installations.

Vectec can supply a wide range of fuel equipment parts and accessories. Click here to go to the Fuel Equipment Catalogue.

To download legislation or Department of the Environment recommendations concerning fuel storage installations click here.

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Vectec engineers carry out planned Maintenance and breakdown support for Fuel Storage and Fuel Dispensing Equipment
Vectec carry out Maintenance and Breakdown Support throughout the UK mainland