Spill Kits for Fuel Storage Sites

Spill Kits for Fuels and Oils

Spill Kits should always be located near or within a fuel storage area. A spill kit should also be placed remotely from the fuel storage tank in case during a spill event it is not possible to reach the spill kit close by. This is the advice specified in the Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG26: 7. Dealing with spillages.

Fuel spill kits for fuel storage sites should contain materials such as fuel absorbents, drain seals, leak sealing putty, over drums and personal protective equipment.

Vectec Ltd can supply a range of spill kits from small kits designed to store in workshops and vehicles to larger kits ideal for storing in fuel tank cabinets and near fuel islands – sizes available from 20 litre to 200 litre capacity kits. We also supply reusable and washable drain covers that form a quick, liquid tight seal for drain protection.

Our spill kits absorb fuels and oils while repelling water. We also can supply spill kits for Adblue Storage areas. Smaller kits come in a handy bag with carry handle or strap and the larger spill kits are in a plastic wheeled bin.  

General Purpose Spill Kits

General purpose spill kits are also available in 20, 50, 100 and 200 litre capacity kits. These kits are for water and oil based products. They absorb Adblue, antifreeze and screen wash solutions, oil and water.

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Vectec Ltd can offer fuel spill response training sessions and advise on the correct use of spill kit equipment.

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